Siskiyou County X Days

Pops is pleased to participate in SISKIYOU X DAYS. SISKIYOU X DAYS is a ten-day all-county open studio/art experience event featuring and connecting the diverse and unique talent of Siskiyou. For a guide book of Siskiyou X days, click here. 

Thursday, November 2, 6-9 pm
Louis Gustafson is a Native Hip Hop Artist from Northern California. Pit River Tribal member who specializes in Rap, spoken word and as a facilitator.

Damilola Afolabi, affectionately known as Dami, is a remarkable individual whose journey from Lagos, Nigeria, to Redding, California, has shaped him into a unique and multifaceted artist and community leader. Dami’s mission goes beyond personal achievement; he has a heart dedicated to seeing people set free and made whole. He believes that his artistic endeavors are not just for his own glory but for the empowerment and upliftment of others. He is not merely an artist but a bridge builder, mending fractured relationships and fostering connections through the medium of dance.His willingness to connect with others and foster genuine relationships speaks volumes about his character. As an independent performing artist, Dami’s work extends far beyond the stage. He is a culture enthusiast, a storyteller, an actor, a dancer, a teacher, and an activist. His art is deeply rooted in his Nigerian heritage and informed by his experiences as a Black man in the United States. Through his Afrofusion movement, storytelling, music, poetry, and visual art, Dami tackles both political and personal themes, using his talents as a vehicle for social commentary and change. Furthermore, Dami wears many hats in his community. He is a community organizer and the founder of AfroLatino Nights, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting diversity and cultural representation in Northern California. This movement brings together people from various backgrounds through their shared love for diverse cultures, music, food, and dance, fostering unity in a region where “minority” groups often struggle to be seen and heard.