Shiny Eyes – Ambient Music meets Shadow Art

The serene world of ambient electronic music meets the captivating realm of shadow art. A unique live performance that melds the sounds of analog synthesizers with elements of rhythm and interaction with light and shadow. The addition of turntables spinning ethno-musical collages adds to the immersion. Prepare to be mesmerized by this innovative and ethereal performance. 

Shiny Eyes is a two man group from Eureka/Arcata California. Utilizing keyboard and modular synthesizers, drum machine, ethnic instruments, turntables, tape decks, and effects.  For fans of ambient, dub, kosmische, psych.

In addition to his shadow puppet shows, Sean Powers (AKA DJ Dental Floss) hosts a weekly show on Arcata’s, Humboldt Hot Air radio. Robert Tripp also plays synth in The Freeks from Southern California.