Friday, 8/7 at 7 pm, Pacific Crest Music Festival Faculty: Free Event

PCM-photo3Performance: Friday, 8/7/15 – 7pm

As a part of Dunsmuir’s Pacific Crest Music Festival, the faculty will provide a performance with Mt. Shasta’s pianist Chiharu Sai. The amazing faculty artists of PCMF will be performing works of Mozart, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and more. Read more about the artists here.

The Pacific Crest Music Festival, located in the picturesque town of Dunsmuir, CA, is a highly intensive international music program in which hand selected students are invited to work, rehearse, and perform alongside the outstanding professional faculty.

PCMF is typically comprised of approximately 10 to 15 students artists, and a faculty of six to eight.  It is this incredible ratio that leads to an extremely personalized and individualized experience for each member.

During their stay, the young musicians will work in smaller chamber groups as well as performing in the PCMF Chamber Orchestra.  Each group consists of both student artists and faculty, providing every student artist with an opportunity to experience rehearsals and performances at a professional standard.