Introducing The Greg Takemoto Quartet: Redefining Jazz Classics with a Modern Twist

A Blend of Styles: Straight Ahead Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and Groove

We are very excited to host the Greg Takemoto Quartet here at Pops on Saturday, December 9 at 7 pm. Advanced tickets $11 or At the Door $15

The American Songbook comes alive with The Greg Takemoto Quartet, a dynamic and versatile ensemble dedicated to breathing new life into traditional jazz standards. Led by Greg Takemoto, a seasoned alto saxophonist with deep roots in the Northern California jazz scene, this quartet is redefining jazz music with their innovative take on classic standards.

The Greg Takemoto Quartet is known for their ability to seamlessly transition between different jazz styles. From the smooth melodies of straight-ahead jazz to the intricate rhythms of contemporary jazz, and the infectious grooves that get your feet tapping, this quartet is a musical chameleon, able to adapt to any setting with style and grace.

Meet the Talented Quartet Members

– **Greg Takemoto (Alto Sax)**: Originally from Northern California, Greg Takemoto has been a figure in the Rhode Island jazz scene since 2000. With his mastery of the alto saxophone, he’s the driving force behind the quartet, always pushing the boundaries of jazz music.

– **Danny Castro (Bass and Guitar)**: Hailing from the Bay area, Danny Castro is a versatile musician excelling in multiple musical styles. His successful YouTube channel is a testament to his passion for all things bass and guitar.

– **Ross Perry (Drums)**: A graduate of Chico State, Ross Perry is a drummer with a wide range of styles. When he’s not keeping the rhythm for The Greg Takemoto Quartet, he’s jamming with them and Tyler Mansfield in the 7-piece funk group, Soul Punch.

– **Tyler Mansfield (Guitar)**: Tyler Mansfield, a graduate of both Chico State and the University of Reno, is a talented guitarist who juggles multiple musical projects. From Supertonic Jazz Duo to Danger Kitty Rock Group, he brings his unique guitar skills to every performance.

**Experience the Magic of The Greg Takemoto Quartet**

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or just looking to enjoy a night of timeless music with a modern twist, The Greg Takemoto Quartet has something for everyone. With their captivating performances and refreshing approach to jazz classics, they are a must-see live act.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the magic of The Greg Takemoto Quartet. Catch them at various venues as they continue to share their love for jazz and spread their unique musical vision.