Hobson’s Choice – Old Band Reunites

Hobson's Choice back in the day
From left to right Craig Citcliff, John Davis, Bill Curchill, Bill Crane in 1979.

Still great friends, band mates in Hobson’s Choice have played ┬átogether since 1979 and are planning to reunite for a concert here at Pops. Concert will take place on September 16 at 7 pm. $10 cover. Hobson’s Choice consists of Bill Churchill, Guitar and vocals, Bill Crane, Keyboards and vocals, Craig Cutcliff, Bass and vocals and John Davis, Drums and vocals.

All four players have been playing professionally for 45 years! Bill Churchill plays throughout Siskiyou County, has played with Sound Advice and is currently playing Thursday and Friday at Railroad Park. Bill Crane lives in Apple Valley and is playing in several bands in Southern California. He’s a very accomplished keyboard player and a great vocalist. Craig Cutcliff lives near Denver, Colorado, plays Bass and Saxophone, has his own sound company and is an exceptional musician and vocalist. John Davis, also known as the “Popcorn” is from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He’s a phenomenal drummer and vocalist, and has played in many great bands throughout New Mexico and Texas. These four old friends are joining each other in Mt Shasta on September 14th and will be playing at POPS in Dunsmuir on Saturday, Sept. 16


Hobson's Choice
From left to right Craig Cutcliff, Bill Churchill, Bill Crane, John Davis