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Tues May 30 – Bluegrass Music plus Dinner

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 4.03.19 PMPops Performing Arts & Cultural Center is pleased to host the Page Turners on their West Coast tour of their new CD. The show will be at Pops on Tuesday May 30 at 7 pm, and the entrance fee will be $7. Box Dinners will be available if you order by Sunday 10 am. See below.

The Page Turners, Carolyn Kendrick and Jake Howard, are an award-winning group (2016 Freshgrass Best Duo) who have a strong foothold in the acoustic music scene. They became musical friends as students of Berklee College of Music, and started playing together  through the Berklee American Roots Program. From those experiences, they began to play music together more and grew from goofy friends who loved BBQ and bluegrass, into goofy band mates as well. The Page Turners write sharp and adept original music and put new twists on old favorites. They like to blend their love of bluegrass, whiskey-fueled old-time, country music, swing, and fearless song-writing into one all-purpose seasoning of good ole’ fashioned Roots Music.

Order Lunch box dinners for this show!

For the first time this summer, Pops will be offering box dinners. If you are interested in having a box dinner, please place your order by Sunday 10 am before the show to

The Menu will be:

Organic Chicken Skewers with Harissa, a Moroccan spice paste (will not be spicy hot, as I use just a little harissa and yogurt for the marinade)

Orzo Salad- orzo pasta with fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and feta

Field Greens (mostly beautiful local organic greens with yogurt herb drizzle

Sat, Jul 2, 8 pm Ananta Fiddle-Hooper & Shattered Chaos

A.-Fiddler-Hooper-300x200Ananta Fiddle-Hooper is joined by her band ‘Shattered Chaos’ to bring Siskiyou County an evening of electrified world jazz fusion and electro-trance compositions inspired by eastern-european, asian, middle-eastern and western musical influences. Ms. Fiddle-Hooper will bring an array of instruments to the stage including violin, electric violin, cello and sultry vocals. She will be joined by her band ‘Shattered Chaos’ with Paul Lamb on bass, Tony Luerra on drums, Greg Jeter on rhythm guitar and Ms. Fiddle-Hooper. She will join the ‘Jazz in the Canyon Events’ on Saturday, July 2nd, 8 p.m. at the POPS Performing Arts and Cultural Center. Please enjoy her music, videos and extended biography at www.fiddlehooper.comKids 12 and under free. $10 first come, first served.

Thur Mar 24th, 7 pm, Women in Music

Women in Music

Celebrating Women in Music, three Northern California women of very different musical styles will be highlighted this coming Thursday, March 24, 7:00pm. The evening will highlight Ananta Fiddle Hooper, Leslie Tift, and Allison Scull in three individual performances.  The cost of the show is $10.

Ananta Fiddle Hooper, an internationally acclaimed violinist, electric violinist, cellist, composer, videographer, producer and instructor has touched thousands of lives globally with her music, art and all encompassing world view. Her 25 years of professional repertoire provides a well-rounded blend of Classical, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian Classical and Alternative Trance styles.

As an instructor, Ananta has started and/or worked with music programs in San Francisco, Healdsburg, Sonoma & Napa Valley Charter and Music Schools; as well as, internationally in India, Europe and Japan. She also works with ‘dedicated’ students privately in the U.S.. See for more on Ananta.

Leslie Tift is an acoustic guitar, dobro player and vocalist. She arranges songs to fit her style of playing which brings a unique sound to Americana roots music. Her guitar playing is varied from finger style picking with a driving thumb pick to percussive rhythmic strumming. With her passion for singing coupled with years of training she brings forth a style that is strong, varied in range and styles with an emotion that comes from her heart.
Tift’s singing styles were influenced by a wide range of performers from, the blues of Bessie Smith, the classics of Barbra Streisand and the contemporary folk style jazz of Eva Cassidy and Linda Ronstadt. Her passion for singing coupled with years of training brings forth a style that is strong, varied in range, and emotion that comes from her heart. Leslie has performed in many venues but her highlights are: performing for the Firefly Folk Festival in Japan, playing for notable celebrities (Kennedy’s), and sharing the stage with a variety of acoustic professional performers. Tift says, “playing music is the pathway to our souls, helping us stay grounded and therefore providing us with an avenue to communicate with others in its purest form”. Currently, Tift mostly performs a duo with Tom Scott throughout the North State. Learn more about Leslie a

Songwriter, guitarist, and singer Allison Scull’s initial desire to sing in the first place was inspired by the laid-back Brazilian jazz artists such as Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz. Almost as soon as she began to play guitar in her teens, she started to write songs. “Music has been a road to learn about myself, an amazing road to connect to all kinds of people and a road to happiness in general.” Her journey of music evolved to include bits of folk, blues, jazz and includes some French and Spanish. With saxophonist Victor Martin, she had the opportunity to share the stage with Tuck and Patti, blues legend John Hammond, the Blind Boys of Alabama and more. She will present some new, never performed songs. Scull says, “The opportunity to play with these two special female musicians holds an air of excitement for me. I am looking forward to sharing the night with them. ” Learn more about Allison at

Pops Performing Arts and Cultural Center is located at 5819 Sacramento Ave, Dunsmuir. See First come, first served. $10 suggested donation.