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Labor Day Jams 2022

Come celebrate Labor Day Weekend on the Patio at Pops. For a printable flyer, click here. 

 Friday, September 2, 7 pm
David Watson & Friends

Jazz drummer and bebop vocalist will play with Bruce Calin on bass and Victor Martin on sax. He says, “I try to always be creative like any top jazz instrumentalist, performing jazz songs and originals. I am going to sing jazz the rest of my life, until I can’t do it any longer. As long as I love the music, I have no plans to stop.” Read more about David.

Listen and learn more and Listen here, too. 


Saturday, Sept 3, 7pm
 Victor Martin on Sax
Victor Martin and Friends (It’s Vic’s Birthday! let’s celebrate)

A fun-filled evening with a variety of musicians and musical genres. Some guests include Patrick Wiseman, Bruce Calin, David Watson, Allison Scull and more.


Learn Argentine Tango!

 B3C5BEA5-1435-48CE-B1A4-DF2824E777EELearn Argentine Tango in Dunsmuir
If you can walk, you can tango!
Mondays 7-8 pm
Drop-In Friendly Class $10
no partner or experience needed
veterans & high school students free!
What is Argentine Tango?
This beautiful, heartfelt social dance is all about connection. It’s simple to learn and easy to love. Anyone can learn tango! Tango is an amazing way to make new friends, connect more deeply with a partner, or just bring more movement into your life. Tango is more than just a dance — from complete beginners to lifelong maestros, it’s a community of people all over the world. 
About the Teachers:
Jericha & Dexter have been dancing tango together for nearly a decade. They’ve studied with some of the greatest tango dancers in the world, in particular Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow of Argentina, and they travel regularly to dance, learn, and compete. The joy of tango is central to their lives, and they love sharing it with others. Tango even brought them to Siskiyou County, where they moved after experiencing the stunning Burning Tango Festival held every year in McCloud. 
About the Class:
Dexter & Jericha’s teaching focuses on connection, musicality, and the joy of dancing. Their class is meant for anyone who is interested in learning a fun and beautiful social dance; everyone is warmly welcome, whether you have two left feet or or lots of dance experience. Ongoing students will have a chance to experience live performances and field trips, too!

Joe Craven & the Sometimers

Joe Craven & the SometimersPops Performing Arts & Cultural Center is so very pleased to have Joe Craven & the Sometimers. Advanced tickets are available for $20:
• Dunsmuir Hardware Store 5836 Dunsmuir Avenue in  Dunsmuir, California:
• Blue Wolfe Boutique
• or by emailing
Tickets will be $25 at the door.

6 pm Dinner: pre-order
For those of you interested in having dinner, you can order a Liza Wood Dinner. It will be Polenta Lasagna salad and cake for $15/person. Please email by 2/18.

The Ol’ Dunsmuir Faire



The Ol’ Dunsmuir Faire will take place again on Saturday, September 29 from 9am to 1 pm during Dunsmuir’s 7th Annual Jazz in the Canyon. Rick Garrett will play fingerstyle guitar from 10  to 11:45 am as a part of Dunsmuir’s Jazz in the Canyon.

• Kathleen’s hand sewn aprons, table runners, adult bibs, potholders, and similar items for the kitchen and home.
• Vintage Teddy Bear handmade vintage clothes, toys, and furniture
• Travis, the bicycle repairman will be on hand to repair your bikes
• Spice of Life’s Jessica Bowman will be selling her essential oil magic potions and her art
* Dunsmuir’s Magic Mountain Wellness will be offering chair massage
* Electric’s Lon’s will bring his tye dye from Redding
* Mount Shasta’s Gael Ruby will read Tea Leaf Readings from Mount Shasta
* Some of Heinz Danzberger Photography’s framed pieces will be on display
Terry Cole Whittaker Inspirations will grace the faire
• Free Healings by Bo – Relationship clearing, Prosperity Blocks, Dis-ease, Dis-Order, Ghostbusting
* Zan Design’s jewelry will be showcased
• Dunsmuir T-shirts by Cool Watts Design
• Shattered Records will be selling Jazz CD, Records and Tapes

• Crafts & Bodycare from local artisans

(To be a vendor it is $35 for a table please contact Suzanne  at Payments can be sent to Zan Design, P.O. Box 313, Dunsmuir, CA 96025 or sent via paypal to

Mountain Tara Dance Circle on Sat June 4 & Sat July 9

Dance CircleYou are invited to celebrate the sacred feminine through the dance practice of The 21 Praises of Tara from 10 am to 12 noon on two Sunday, June 4 & July 9.  Tara is the Buddha Goddess of Wisdom, Compassion and Power. The Mountain Tara Circle hosts gatherings for the spiritual practice of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara.  This Practice includes sacred dance, meditation, movement and prayer.  This prayer generates powerful energies which can be used for creative, personal, spiritual, and planetary transformation. These dances are a gift from teacher Prema Dasara, founder of Tara Dhatu. The dances have travelled all over the world, improving the lives of many people.
For more information about the Mountain Tara Circle, please contact Yeshe Matthews at, or text 510-355-7912. $10 suggested donation.

We hope to see you! Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha!

Sun Mar 6, 7:30 pm, Dance Temple Theatre

Dance Temple Theatre happens every other Sunday at Pops! Come on over and enjoy the fun. We look forward to seeing you.

First Set: The Cosmos (Live Ambient, keyboards, and drones)
2nd Set: Sahaja & Shara Fish (talented husband and wife musical team) (World, Eclectic, Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Percussion, Vocals, Etc.)
How do you participate? Read here.

Free Form Community Dance – Every Other Sunday

Come join in the musical alchemy of Soluna’s Intimum Mysterium and participate in Dunsmuir’s first . $5 to 10 donation.

Craig_Headshot_2016-01-09_01_Resize_01Soluna’s Intimum Mysterium (aka Craig Maupin / DJ Mysterium) is an electronic musical tapestry of deep, heart-felt, and tripped-out sonic journeys. As ambient alchemy unfolds around you, let the rhythms unwind and rock your bones… breathe, holding in conscious stillness until it’s time to fly! You are the star no rehearsals necessary! This is a public community freeform dance and musical immersion!

1. No Talking. Making sounds is welcomed and encouraged, conversations are not. Please exit the building if speaking is found necessary (quietly).

2. Space and stillness can be taken at any time for those who desire a peaceful space to sit, listen to the musical journey, and contemplate life.

3. DANCE means creative MOVEMENT (of any kind).

4. TEMPLE means a SAFE and CREATIVE space. 5. THEATRE means have FUN, be SILLY, and the option for THEATRICS (costumes and outrageous garb is welcomed).

6. Solo dancers and partner dancers are welcome. Respect must be paid to one another’s dance space!

7. When approaching others to dance: a. “Listen” for a YES (get eye contact and positive gesture first). b. Respect any form of NO (if ignored, moved away from, or negatively gestured). c. Hands in Prayer at Heart means: “I see you and thank you for the dance; I’m doing my own thing now.”

8. A drug and alcohol free event. Be yourself, raw and as you are, as much as possible!

9. No cameras, video, or the wearing of scents (respect our safe space).

10. No shoes while dancing (barefoot dancing is encouraged). This is a transformational space for Healing and Freeform Movement!

OUTLINE OF EVENT (120 Minutes of Music and Movement + Reading + Closing Circle)

1. First 40 Minutes.
a. Quiet introductory ambient music (soundscape).
i. Allows participants to stretch and ground their energy.
ii. Allows time for breathing, listening, and meditation.
b. Peak rhythmic music after 20 minutes.
c. Slow wind-down for Inspirational Reading.

2. Inspirational Reading and/or brief instruction (+/- 10 Minutes). a. Inspirational / Spiritual (non-religious) reading from an inspirational author. b. Option for brief instructions in movements and exercises.

3. Last 80 Minutes (same ad First 40 Minutes – above).

4. Closing Circle: Typically “Names” are spoken (of everyone in the circle), then  “Shareback” occurs (People sharing their experience during the dance (not a time for world musings, or invocations, but actual experiences during the dance), and finally “Community Announcements”. “Final Moments” can involve an OM, Moments of Silence, Ringing of a Bell, Giving Thanks, Sounding, Clapping, etc.