Stand Up Comedy at Pops

Stand up ComedyPops is looking forward to having Stand Up Comedy at Pops on Saturday, May 6 at 7:30 pm. Door open at 7 pm and the cover will be $10. Following is a line up of the show. View Printable flyer. 

North Coast Comedian Koury Steffani, producer of clean sketch comedy podcast Modern Day Bob & Ray, will host the show.

Headliner (20 minutes) Mark Sanders – Producer and Premier MC at Savage Henry Comedy Club with 22 exclusive Savage Henry podcasts produced so far.

Nick Meier (10 minutes) – Chadwick’s comedy open mic host and the host of all comedy shows in southern Oregon.

Bridget Bennett (10 minutes) – Portland’s funniest comedy show contestant and the queen of one liners.

Parnell O’mooney (5 minutes) – Rapper/Comedian from Savage Henry Comedy Club